Unexpected International Experience

27 Jul

One thing that I love about traveling is seeing how my new environment acts and interacts with other countries and cultures.

While I know Erin disagrees with me, I have found an unexpected collision of cultures, and I LOVE it!

China Town in Namibia.

This place is AWESOME! I feel some of my grandfather’s thrifting has worn off on me when I admit this, but China Town is a treasure trove of steals and deals! One thing that Erin and I agree on is that said steals and deals become repetitive since the same products (or slight variations thereof) are sold in every shop, but the overall experience and occasional find are exciting!

Think about what you would expect China Town in Windhoek, Namibia to look like.

Now forget that entirely.

It actually looks like it used to be a storage complex, but each storage unit has been turned into a shop stall.

There’s a mix of trinkets and nick-knack shops, but there are a few stores that look like they would fit right in at Wernhill or Maerua Mall (the two malls in Windhoek)! At one such store, Simmie’s Fashions, I bought a purse. I always brag about how I found it in China Town… usually – but not always – without prompt.

I know that my Dad is probably saying something out loud about my student budget as he reads this, but don’t worry Dad! I don’t have time to go shopping in China Town when I have project deadlines, hair to have braided, nails to get done… Things are just way too busy. Suffering students is right, eh! haha We’ll keep you as posted as possible in the next two weeks!

Look forward to the braiding before and after pictures Erin and I will be posting after we get our hair done tomorrow!!


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