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Hello world!

Hello and welcome to our friends and family!

Erin and I have our aviators on, back packs unzipped, and are putting the final touches on preparations for our May 12th departure!

We will be posting our experiences, interesting information and photos of our journey on this blog.

We hope to see your love though comments and follows! We also hope you get to learn along side us and support us along our way!

We would like to take this chance to thank everyone who has helped make the 2012 Namibia Internship possible for us:

– Aaron Yarmoshuk, Jillian Kohler, and the whole behind-the-scenes team that organizes this internship every year. It’s an amazing opportunity for students and Erin and I feel so priviledged to be able to attend this year!

– Robyn Walter for organizing our pre-departure training and providing us with support. As well as all of the presenters who have done a great job in preparing us for our big adventure

– The Student Experience Fund and Undergraduate Pharmacy Society ,who have helped this trip fit into our wallets as well as it fits into our summer plans

– To all of our friends and family, who have helped us with proposal writing tips, moral support, and love


We will miss you all but we’re too excited to even think about being homesick yet!

— A & E


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